About Us

That’s a good question, I’m glad you asked. Too Far Gone is a culture site that focuses on anime, video games, and everything in between; content written by people that are passionate about the media they engage with on a daily basis. But it’s more than just that. Too Far Gone is a state of mind — a lifestyle. Too Far Gone is everyone that’s stayed up until 4AM grinding for the rare drop. It’s everyone that buys cheap garbage at the grocery so that they can spend their paycheques on figures. The full combo, the perfect run, the flawless catalog, the ultimate collection, the pristine purchase; when you don’t care who judges you because you just don’t give a damn anymore. We know it’s a feeling that can sometimes be a little difficult to put into words, and that’s why we’ve done it for you. So here’s a love letter to our friends, our inspiration, and all the rest — there is a world elsewhere.

Christian Metaxas