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New Anamanaguchi Album [USA] Out Today

The new Anamanaguchi album [USA] is out now.

I don’t know if I’d call it chiptunes, but they’re back, and it’s pretty darn good.

The last time we saw a release from Anamanaguchi was six years ago.

If you’re not familiar with the previous album that Anamanaguchi released, it’s called Endless Fantasy. The album took three years to record, and when the band was ready, we saw the album get released eleven days after they asked for funding to self-release the project via Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign exploded, raising more than five times their original funding goal of $50,000 and became the second-most funded music project on the platform in history behind a project by Amanda fucking Palmer. Since then, the album has been picked up by Alcopop! Records and is now available for purchase on their Bandcamp page at the link above.

Although Anamanaguchi has been absent from the world of studio albums, they’ve been consistently playing shows over the past few years. Some of the folk here at Too Far Gone actually had a chance to go see them when they played the Hoxton in Toronto a few years ago, and it was quite a crazy show they put on.

Anamanaguchi will likely be old hat for many chiptune fans. Over a decade strong, their poppy, electronic, video game console, soundchip-inspired tracks have reverberated through online forums and smaller music communities, growing and solidifying the band’s cult status—though not it seems their sound has evolved. The two demo tracks that came out earlier this week ( Lorem Ipsum (Arctic Anthem) & Air On Line) really reminded me of Worlds-era Porter Robinson. Very slick production that makes space for multiple different musically creative catalysts and tools like vocoders and old MIDI-powered soundfonts that remind me of Fruity LSD.

[USA] is the first Anamanaguchi album deliberately set in the real world.” says Pete Berkman, one of the lead songwriters and guitarists of the group. “It’s a kind of long-exposure photo that started when we chose the title in 2014”, a year after the release of Endless Fantasy.

You can view the tracklist for [USA] below:

  1. [USA]
  2. Lorem Ipsum (Artic Anthem)
  3. The C R T Woods
  4. Speak To You [Memory Messengers]
  5. Sunset By Plane
  6. Air On Line
  7. Apophenia Light [Name Eaters]
  8. Overwriting Incorporate
  9. B S X
  10. On My Own
  11. Up To You
  12. Tear
  13. We Die
  14. [ L O M ]

[USA] is something magical, the likes of which seldom emerges from collaborative artistry such as this. If you haven’t heard it yet, go listen to it. Buy it from their Bandcamp.

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New Anamanaguchi Album [USA] Out Today

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