Pewdiepie hits 100 Million YouTube Subscribers

PewDiePie Wedding

Hey, congratulations!

After what feels like a lifetime, PewDiePie has officially accumulated 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

A perennial personality, PewDiePie has vaulted between controversies and milestones for years now, solidifying himself as quite possibly the most well known e-celeb of all time. This particular milestone, the timing of which has dovetailed nicely with the public unveiling of his wedding to Marzia Bisognin, has been met with a flood of well wishes and support from peers and fans alike. To say nothing of his racially charged behaviour over these past few years (a topic we discussed on The Goners), PewDiePie’s more recent public showings include a lengthy ongoing Minecraft play-through, picking a fight with media conglomerate T-Series, and reacting to memes uploaded to Reddit.

During his highly publicized sub-count competition with T-Series, a beef that produced two different diss tracks, we saw YouTubers purchase billboard advertising space and vulnerable printers hacked to spread the good word. Apart from the traction it caused himself and others willing to throw their weight behind the popular Swede, the event served almost as a sort of death knell—one of the biggest organic channels to be ceremoniously over taken by the corporate media machine. Not so much a public beheading as it was an overblown publicity stunt, four months later it seems that the day belongs to PewDiePie.

Wondering how many of those 100 million subbed accounts are actually active? How about you stop being such a party pooper and click this hyperlink instead.

Image Source: itsmarziapie

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