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Not that BTS.

It’s been the start of a hot summer for Melee fans. Diehards were excited by C9 Mang0’s taking of Get on My Level 2019 over Tempo Axe, while spectators everywhere were floored by Wizzrobe’s run at Smash n Splash 5, where he became the first Captain Falcon main to take a supermajor this decade. Now that Smash Summit 8 is fast approaching, fans might be wondering who’s got a chance to take home the pot this weekend.

Liquid Hungrybox has been on everyone’s mind as the man to beat, but with Mang0 and Wizzrobe taking recent titles, he’s started to show cracks in his plot armour. Especially notable is Wizzrobe’s three set streak against him, eliminating him at every tournament they’ve both attended this year. Mang0 is always a fan favourite, but he’s recently hit a brick wall in the Yoshi match-up against VGBC RB Amsa, losing the past two sets against him. If the bracket at Smash Summit 8 goes as predicted, they would match up in the first round of winners, giving him another shot. Wizzrobe is seeded third at this tournament, given his recent hot streak, but with projected match-ups against Mang0 and PG Plup in Swiss Pools, competitors he hasn’t ever beaten on the big stage. He’s going to have to prove his recent level up has extended to the Sheik and Falco match-ups, or face an early trip to losers.

Other names to expect in winners on Sunday are TSM Leffen, who’s struggled against Wizzrobe recently but is looking capable; Plup, who seems like he can beat anyone on a good day, but has lost the past nine sets against Hungrybox; and PG Zain whose taken 2 of his past three sets against Hungrybox and Amsa, but is having trouble beating the other members of the Top 10.

Canadian fans might want to take note of how EMG Moky and N0ne peform: Moky coming off of a recent win against Plup and a game 5 set against Hungrybox, and N0ne looking to establish himself over Tempo S2J and Wizzrobe as the Falcon to beat.

Regardless of who takes it, it’s shaping up to be an exciting weekend. For previous Melee excitement, check out our Pound 2019 coverage and the drama therein.

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