Seven Seas to bring SCP Light Novel to North America

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Secure, Contain, Protect, then Publish (again).

Titled in English as SCP Foundation: Iris of the Mirror World, Seven Seas Entertainment will be bringing the inspired light novel to North America. To be published in a single volume both digitally and in print, according to their April blog post, those looking forward to an English release will be able to make the purchase late January 2020. For those wondering, yes, this is a localization of the project that saw attention last spring—you can read that coverage here.

Original marketing having suggested a June 2018 release, the light novel was made available two months afterward (in early September) by its original publisher. Since then, Seven Seas Entertainment has picked up the project, and has committed to its publication. Weighing in at 320 pages, the listing from Seven Seas describes the light novel thusly: “A young man is encountering a strange phenomenon–the same photo of a girl appears inside any book he opens. One book in the library causes him to be whisked away by the SCP Foundation, a secret organization dedicated to containing anomalous entities and phenomena. There, he learns that the girl’s name is Iris–and that he’s going to have to work alongside her to get them both out!”

Existing in the Creative Commons means that anyone can remix, create, or craft derivative works and make money based on articles published on the SCP Foundation wiki (with one notable exception). Setting a particularly exciting precedent, the light novel might come to serve as an ideal medium for this particular form of multi-media storytelling—should this publication instance be deemed “successful,” Iris of the Mirror World might be the first of many new projects to come.

By following Seven Seas you’ll be able to keep tabs on when Iris of the Mirror World officially hits the streets. But January is still a long ways off, so you might want to read something else in the between now and then. For other exciting works of fiction, make sure to also follow Too Far Gone.

Image Source: Seven Seas Entertainment

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