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Apex Coins Giveaway

Allfather give me coins!

Because we’re amazing, that’s why! It’s safe to say we like Apex Legends here at Too Far Gone. We wrote some contextual coverage back when it exploded onto the scene, and its evolution has been a recurring podcast topic for The Goners. Now, from us to one of you, 1000 Apex Coins. Worth roughly ten dollars American it’s not a lot, but it’s also not nothing.

As with our Persona 5 OST giveaway, entering the contest is easy enough. Down below we’ll have links to all our relevant social media accounts. You log on, you follow the accounts, you click the buttons, you get the entries—real easy. For Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we’ll have dedicated posts for you to heart and thumb(s) up. If you’re already subbed or following us on YouTube, just go leave us a comment about the contest here on our discussion tab. Likewise, if you’re already locked in with us on Twitch, just whisper at us about the contest. Following Too Far Gone and engaging across our multiple social media channels will increase your odds!

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We’ll let things ride for about a week or so before we pick a winner. Please keep in mind that the code for the Apex Coins is redeemable on the XBOX One. See you in the circle, goners!

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Coins Giveaway

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