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Terese Nielsen Unveils Crowdfunded TCG Paraphernalia

Get back to basics with some gear from one of the greats!

Quite the treat for Magic: the Gathering fans, as Terese Nielsen and Original Magic Art launch their Tokens of Spirit crowdfunding effort — a project quite literally years in the making. Already on pace to double the 30,000 dollar ask on day one, Nielsen’s signature style and reputation for beautiful artwork make this crowdfunding effort seriously worth considering.

The pitch includes proposals for tokens (with foil variants), playmats, and prints. At time of writing the project has easily achieved every one of its stretch goals, meaning that in addition to some extra tokens and designs, backers’ mats will have stitched edges to help prevent fraying over use. Quality of the merchandise notwithstanding, Tokens of Spirit is also an opportunity to score some sickness from an MTG legend. Having illustrated scores of iconic cards over the years, her paintings have gone on to fetch upwards of $20,000 USD at auction.

While deep pocketed patrons of the arts can purchase a weekend with Nielsen and the team, the rest of us proles will more than likely have our eyes set on more tangible rewards. Conveniently, backers will be able to mix and match paraphernalia at their respective buy-in levels. So instead of receiving a playmat, print, and token set for your ‘Pick Three’ reward ($79 USD), you could theoretically decide to swag out and get three full sets of tokens. The options are nice, especially for those maybe looking to coordinate a purchase with their playgroup. While Nielsen won’t currently be signing any of her works, John Krause of OMA (the project manager) says that they are “discussing the possibility,” adding that while they understand the ask, the logistics of committing to such a thing might prove quite difficult.

Having eagerly met the ask on day one, and absolutely smashing through the existing stretch goals, it’s what you might call a successful crowdfunding campaign. You can check out some of Nielsen’s wonderful artwork displayed on the Tokens of Spirit Kickstarter page. If you’d like to peruse some of Nielsen’s existing works, and read a little bit about her process, you should visit her online shop.

Neilsen, Wolf Token work-in-progress | Too Far Gone
Wolf Token work-in-progress

If you’ve got the cash to spare, feel free to spread the love and support Too Far Gone on Patreon. But if you want to read more about dope drawings and artwork, check out our interview with Roya Shahidi of Kirby Reanimated.

Image(s) Source: Terese Nielsen

Terese Nielsen Unveils Crowdfunded TCG Paraphernalia

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