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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion Gets Detailed

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With Monster Hunter World being Capcom’s best selling title ever, to date, the recent Witcher DLC collaboration getting released for PC, and Iceborne finally getting unveiled and detailed, it’s a good time to be a Monster Hunter fan. Earlier this week Iceborne, World‘s “Massive Expansion DLC,” or “G rank” update, was showcased during Sony’s State of Play stream, and again in greater detail during Capcom’s Spring Developer Update for the game. Giving fans some much needed info regarding the expansion, the update in its entirety is roughly thirty minutes long. We’ve listed and summarized highlights from the developer update below:

  • Worldwide console release date is September 6th, 2019, Winter 2019 for PC.
  • New story content picking up from the end of MHW’s story.
  • New rank called “Master Rank,” like “G Rank” from previous entries.
  • New area is called Hoarfrost Reach, and is the largest region in MHW so far.
  • New Hunter actions, expanded moveset for existing weapons and new tools to use.
  • Players will be able to use the slinger even when weapon is drawn.
  • New elements in addition to expanded moveset for each weapon.
  • New palico equipment shown, though not expanded on.
  • $39.99 USD for the standard digital edition of Iceborne, with a digital deluxe version available for $49.99 USD that includes cosmetic DLC.
  • North America is getting a physical release of the base game and Iceborne DLC for $59.99 USD.

Also shown were three entirely new monsters. Banbaro, a reindeer-like brute wyvern. Beotodus, (most likely) a piscine wyvern similar to Lavasioth. And Jyuratodus, a creature that seemingly swims through the snow. There is also Velkhana, the flagship monster and elder dragon for Iceborne. Previous monsters set to return are Nargacuga (from Freedom Unite) and Tigrex (this one was hinted at at the very end of the video).

While Iceborne is being sold like any other DLC, the content of Iceborne will be comparable to expansion packs from the early 2000’s. It’s not just a new map, Iceborne will include new weapons, armours, decorations, quests, AI behaviour, and more. Iceborne is the G rank update that typically occurs with Monster Hunter titles, such as Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter 4G, or Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. The term G rank comes from the G rank difficulty added to the original low/high rank split in Monster Hunter games, so in addition to the new content a whole new difficulty level is added as well, bringing with it altered AI moves and monster behaviour.

While some people may feel uneasy with regards to how much information was shown about Iceborne, what with only a handful of new monsters to be spoken of, Capcom’s European Community Manager has taken to Twitter, stating that the amount of new content in Iceborne “rivals” that of the base game. Whether that’s just PR talk or not remains to be seen, but given the quality and dedication Capcom has shown with MHW, they know all eyes are on them with this expansion that builds even more on the critically acclaimed title.

In other State of Play news, Final Fantasy VII is back on the menu.

Image Source: Capcom

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion Gets Detailed

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