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Sonic Movie Will Fix Design


Released back on Tuesday, fans and curious onlookers were treated to the first trailer for the upcoming Sonic: The Hedgehog movie. The reveal served as a bit of a mixed bag: James Marsden (Hop, 30 Rock) once more assuming a role in which he talks to make-believe animals, Jim Carrey (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, this weird spat with Mussolini’s granddaughter?) bringing his trademark comedic styling to the role of Eggman, and least of all a Sonic with human teeth. Now, mere days after hitting the net, Sonic’s realistic design is getting walked back for a do-over.

Early yesterday evening director Jeff Fowler announced via Twitter that Sega, Paramount, and the powers that be will be taking all the criticism in stride — that Sonic will be getting a redesign. Fowler didn’t go into great detail on the what or the how, but in spite of his brevity the response to everything so far has been pretty emotional. Naoto Ohshima (credited as Sonic’s original designer) addressed the collective anxiousness and excitement, uploading what looks like something of an homage.

With the soon to be released Detective Pikachu, as well as live action Akira and Mobile Suit Gundam movies in the works, the adaptation anxiety is real. At the time of writing, the reveal trailer is sitting with a pretty rough dislike ratio on YouTube. And while we’ve gotten a vague sense of Sonic’s look over the past couple months or so (the legs, the sneak peeks), public reaction to the trailer has been notably negative — enough so that the studio will be re-hauling his appearance, evidently.

The announcement that Sonic will be getting a makeover is interesting to say the least. The verified fix comes on the heels of the video game industry crunch conversation, with many studios as of late getting called out for working employees to the bone, mass layoffs, and crazy overtime. Sonic’s to-be-altered depiction also reignites a burning question as to why Hollywood continues to insist on their particular brand of realism when it comes to pumping out the good stuff for established IPs. Whether or not this means the Sonic movie’s November 8 release will be pushed back remains to be seen. If nothing else, the passion and attention due to a video game icon seems to be being paid.

Soon to come Episode 23 of The Goners has our immediate reaction to the Sonic: The Hedgehog trailer. If you’d like to watch something in the mean time, here’s why you should check out Rilakkuma and Kaoru.

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Sonic Movie Will Fix Design

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