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Spectator Hucks Crab at Hungrybox After Pound 2019 Victory

Not that kind of crab rave.

Following a loser’s bracket run that resulted in a reset, and ultimate vanquishing of Joseph “mang0” Marquez, Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma secured the Pound 2019 Super Smash Bros. Melee grand finals only to have a crab hurled at him by a nearby spectator. Unidentified at the time of writing, many online are already calling for the tosser to be permanently banned from all future events.

Understandably emotional after competition Hungrybox politely inquired as to the identity of the crab thrower, later clearing the air a little bit on Twitter.

What might have been considered more as lighthearted antics should the circumstances have been different, if the pincers had managed to catch Hbox in the eye we’d be having an entirely different discussion altogether.

Certainly not the first inappropriate instance of spectator engagement we’ve seen at an esports event (here’s the time olofmeister high-fived a long, black marital aid), safety is always a concern at events and cons alike. Attendees probably shouldn’t have to worry about unhinged lunatics smuggling in weapons, much less shellfish.

Goners and Melee fans will already know that Hungrybox tends to win alot. Representing Team Liquid for some time now, Hbox often serves as a community talking point largely due to his impressive and consistent performances, but also because he doesn’t shy away from less than entertaining tactics to secure the wins (keeping distance and stalling while up in stocks). Since the arrival of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Melee‘s noticeable exclusion from the upcoming EVO 2019 line-up, some have been wondering how to keep the game from getting a little stale—a conversation that even sometimes veers in the direction of potentially banning Jigglypuff.

But for now, in spite of everything, once again, the day belongs to Hungrybox. Additional context photos of the crab are surfacing, and it should only be a matter of time before the community manages to sleuth out the identity of the chuckster.

We’ll likely see a Pound 2019 battle report from Jack, but in the meantime here’s a fan Smash Bros. video we made.

Image Source: Too Far Gone via @UpAired

Spectator Hucks Crab at Hungrybox After Pound 2019 Victory

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