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PlayStation Finally Allowing Online ID Changes

Buyer beware!

It’s a day for celebration friends. No, I’m not talking about a big budget title getting released. I’m not talking about free online subscriptions or amazing anime that you absolutely must watch. What we’re talking about is the ability to alter your online alias. It’s been a long time coming, they said it couldn’t be done, but you read that title correctly, the PlayStation name change feature is now officially available.

Players looking to ditch unsightly monikers that they crafted in their younger years will now be able to do so by signing in either through the PS4 or their browser. The first name change will be free and 10 bucks a pop for every one after that, with a 50% discount for PS Plus subscribers. But be forewarned, while the program had been tested and went through a beta of its own, official PlayStation sources are conceding that it certainly isn’t perfect: while titles published after April 1 2018 should work just fine, not every game in existence was tested.

To avoid copying and pasting the fairly well-constructed list of questions and answers provided by PlayStation: yes, you can change your name now, no, the system isn’t perfect.

You can read up on games that have known issues with the new name change feature before making your decision. In some instances, other players will still see your old tag, you also might lose trophies, save data, purchased DLC, or in-game currency. It might be that the name change feature gets developed to the point where there are no issues later on down the road, but considering how long it’s taken for PlayStation to implement the feature I wouldn’t exactly be holding my breath.

Long begged for within the community, years ago the official stance on the issue was that the inability to change names was to mitigate anonymized griefing. It implied that the lack of the feature was a choice, and not simply a lack of foresight or poor infrastructure. But with that rhetoric firmly in the past PlayStation is once again giving the players what they want, giving us the ability to move on from potentially poor choices of our own, all is forgiven.

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PlayStation Finally Allowing Online ID Changes

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