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Why watch flowers grow when you could be watching anime.

With the last dying breaths of winter finally eschewing from the world it is once again time for spring. The melting of snow and the reemergence of flora reminds us that a new season is just around the corner. Instead of new life, however, we bring you tidings of new anime. This spring anime season sees the return of established fan favourites, alongside a fresh crop of new productions that are looking to capture your hearts and minds. So without further ado, here are the Shows to Watch this spring 2019 anime season.

Carole & Tuesday

From the critically acclaimed Shinicihiro Watanabe comes a brand new anime original being produced by BONES. The man behind such shows as Cowboy Bebop, and Zankyou no Terror takes us to the edge of human civilization with his newest work: the recently colonized planet of Mars. It is here our protagonists, Carole, a young aspiring musician who works part time to make ends meet, and Tuesday, the daughter of a wealthy family, have a fateful encounter that will alter the course of their destiny. Now these two misfits must find their way together at the furthest edge of civilization, and become the musical sensations that they could only previously dream of becoming. One of the more interesting facets of this show’s production was a worldwide casting call for the characters’ song. Those lucky few who were chosen will be performing songs in the anime, and will have their songs released as CD singles as well. To continue with its international musical flavour Carole & Tuesday also channels the musical talents of Canadian artist Mocky to work on the composition of its music. Carole & Tuesday looks to be an emotional coming of age tale that blends science fiction and music to create something interesting and unique. Hopefully it lives up to its tagline: “We’ll never forget. That moment that felt like an eternity. That everyday miracle.”

Kimetsu no Yaiba

The newest production from Ufotable, the studio behind Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, and Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel, is an anime adaptation of the Shonen Jump manga Kimetsu no Yaiba. Set during the Taisho Period (1912 to 1926) in Japan, in which demons are said to roam the night, Tanjiro acts as head of the family in lieu of his deceased father. Until, the rumors hold true and Tanjiro returns home from work to find that his family has been brutally slain. Accompanied by his suriving sister—Nezuko, who has become a demon while retaining some of her human consciousness as well as the ability to communicate—Tanjiro becomes a Demon Slayer in his quest for revenge on those that have wronged him. Filled with interesting characters and perilous sword fights, Kimetsu no Yaiba looks to be a great work for Ufotable to work their animation magic on, and hopefully give us another excellent adaptation we know they are more than capable of.


One of Japan’s most iconic media properties is getting a Netflix anime adaptation, so I would be remiss to not include it on my watch list this season. Ultraman is a longstanding franchise in Japan’s tokusatsu genre and is well known throughout pop culture in the country. For those unfamiliar with what tokusatsu is, think old school kaiju movies like Gojira, or TV shows like Power Rangers. Tokusatsu is a live action TV genre that puts a heavy emphasis on action, special effects, and costumes. Ultraman first shows up in 1966, on the eponymous show in which our hero does battle against giant monsters and alien invaders.

Now, decades later, this new Netflix Ultraman has a similar premise. Set after the events of Ultraman: Hikari no Kyojin, Earth has finally achieved a peaceful existence. With the memory of Ultraman now seemingly in the distant past, humanity looks to be the safest it has ever been. Thrown into chaos, the young Shinjiro Hayata learns that he has a special power: just like his father before him, Shinjiro can become Ultraman. Now its up to him to defend Earth from the oncoming alien invasion. This marks another original entry into Netflix’ growing library of anime titles alongside shows like Devilman: Crybaby and B: the Beginning. Hopefully this iteration of Ultraman is a project worthy of its predecessors’ namesake.

Image Source: Ufotable

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