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12 Months of Nintendo Switch Online Free With Twitch Prime

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Subscriptions beget subscriptions.

Between Netflix, PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live, Spotify, and myriad digital services that populate, define, and disseminate throughout our lives, it can sometimes get a little pricey! Now, users with active Twitch Prime subscriptions are eligible to receive a years’ worth of Nintendo Switch Online for free. That’s right, it’s totally gratis (except what you pay for Prime, of course).

In order to curb the “one month trial” shenanigans that sometimes take place in order to score digital loot, Twitch will be time releasing the subscription in two parts: three months now, and another nine months which will be redeemable after 60 cumulative days’ worth of Twitch Prime membership.

If you already bought into Nintendo Switch Online, likely the case for many that were eager to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Twitch Prime loot months will be added to your existing subscription length. Redeeming the months will require users to add a payment method and agree to auto-renew billing, so if you’re not looking to get pinged later on down the road after you’ve forgotten all about it you’ll want to alter your payment methods after you’ve scored the freebies.

The price of a Twitch Prime subscription will vary between countries, but for the sake of a measuring stick users in the United States will pay $13 per month and Nintendo Switch Online costs $20 American for the year. Also keep in mind that if you have Amazon Prime, you also have Twitch Prime. Check out all the details for yourself right here.

In other subscription based news, the Netflix presentation of Neon Genesis Evangelion will be with a whole new set of voice actors.

Image Source: Nintendo

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