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Talk about a bull market.

Between “trading” Rare Pepes and other memes, and a Twitch channel that allowed users initiate actual stock market trades through an interactive system inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon, I suppose it was only matter of time before we’d be trading streamers like stocks.

After domain registration late last year, the TwitchStocks website went live just a few days ago. Users get 100K worth of capital and are able to buy and trade streamers as if they were shares on the stock market. The share price is informed by streamer popularity in combination with the trading that takes place between users. Of course, as stated in their FAQ, it’s all for fun and no real money is involved… yet.

If nothing else, the meta-game serves as an interesting metric by which to interpret the day to day rise and fall of the cool kids. A quick glance at the site’s home page is a real who’s who of e-celebs, including the likes of Shroud, Ninja, and DrDisrespect.

The website seems to be gaining significant attention. Amusingly at the time of writing, Mang0 (a severely undervalued stock in my opinion) was browsing his page while I was clicking around doing research and getting a sense of the site.

c9 Mang0 Twitch Stock | Too Far Gone
c9 Mang0 TwitchStocks | Too Far Gone

If you think you have what it takes to rack up some serious funny money and be the Jordan Belfort of Twitch, you can shotty a seat on this moonlambo right here. In tangentially related news, you can read about C9 Mang0 and the other mavericks of Melee in Jack’s most recent battle report for Genesis 6.

Image Source: TwitchStocks via Too Far Gone

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