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Move the f*ck over, StarCraft!

With Epic Games giving away millions in Fortnite prize money, and bonafide superstars like Drake getting in on the action with 100 Thieves, it’s safe to say that esports is going the distance. The industry churns through millions of dollars every year, with new games giving considerable attention to nurturing and cultivating competitive scenes in hopes of closing in on a cut of that capital. Generally speaking, these games tend to look and feel a certain way that invites the question: could this be an esport? There are no stupid questions, friends, only stupid answers; enter Farming Simulator 19.

Historically ridiculed for it’s copious amounts of DLC, the “simulator” umbrella of games don’t exactly scream “ideal esports candidate.” But GIANTS Software, the developer behind Farming Simulator 19, is saying game on. Having already successfully courted sponsors like Logitech and Intel, the notion might not be quite so farfetched. Debuting back in 2008, the series’ competitive scene has “quietly existed for years,” as reported by The Verge. Now, GIANTS Software will be consolidating that existing infrastructure into what shall be known as the Farming Simulator League.

With FS19‘s average player count already slashed in half since its launch back in November 2018, GIANTS CEO Christian Ammann describes the situation as a “unique opportunity,” adding that “competitive farming is something people [have enjoyed] for years now, but it hasn’t been done in eSports so far… We believe we found the right mix of real farming and fun to play game elements to ensure everyone will find it entertaining.”

Talk is cheap, but GIANTS has also agreed to fill out the league’s prize pool by ponying up 250,000€ — no small sum. Of course, we won’t blame ya for deciding to stick it out with Dota and Counter-Strike. If by chance you’re as curious as we were, here’s footage of the Farming Simulator Championship from last October. You can also check out the official blog post on the Farming Simulator website here.

Image Source: GIANTS Software

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