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Bungie Unlocks Bergusia Forge Early

Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris | Too Far Gone

Heads up Guardians, this one’s a little tricky.

Launching to the titillation of eager players earlier this week on January 8, Bungie is now walking back the unlock conditions of Niobe Labs: a series of puzzles part of the Destiny 2 annual pass that, when completed, would unlock the new Bergusia Forge for all players.

Rhetorically speaking, it’s a somewhat tricky situation. Timed content releases based on community engagement (like the squad goals from previous Battlefield games) can be a fun exercise. Considering the modern nature of streaming culture, locking down the Bergusia Forge behind a puzzle is an endearingly old-school move. But Destiny 2 arguably falls under the games-as-service category, extending its lifespan through paid expansions and season passes. Selling players on the premise of future content to come is fine, but purposefully releasing conditionally inaccessible content is a dangerous line to toe.

After observing the community’s attempts for little more than a day, Bungie proceeded to unlock the gated content on Wednesday—a move that has seemingly drawn equal parts agreement and ire from players. Remarking best intentions, the dev team goes on to note that “setting this puzzle up as a gate between you and new content that you want to play has not been an ideal experience.” While the Bergusia Forge has been extricated, players that solve the puzzle will be treated to an emblem plate and ghost as a completion reward.

These race to the finish type of events are nothing new for Destiny. Bungie has previously touted their raids by encouraging players and egging on clans to dive in and and be the first ones to plant their flag in the dirt. Having covered the missteps of Destiny 2 last year, more than once, it’s refreshing to see a more proactive Bungie.

Image Source: Bungie via Author

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