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Quake Champions Update Includes CTF, Battle Pass

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Quake Dads, rejoice!

On the heels of its play-to-keep stint earlier this year (now free-to-play), Quake Champions is receiving what some might call a set of very much needed changes. With this most recent 14GB update, id Software is patching in a capture-the-flag mode and ditching the old loot box ecosystem in favour of a more linear player progression model.

Certainly a welcome addition to the multiplayer options, many were disappointed that a CTF variant was not included back when Quake Champions debuted back in the summer. However, the old-school game mode has returned, along with a new symmetrical map called Citadel.

The other big change that players will notice is that they’ve erased player level progression! This latest December update bumped everyone back to square one and has cashed out players for their remaining lootbox potential (currency that wasn’t platinum). Players can now earn shards simply by playing as a means of both unlocking new characters, or collecting different cosmetics. Correspondingly, players can now opt in to a battle pass system (like Fortnite) which will reward players with both in-game currency and cosmetics. The new system seems straightforward enough, and players looking for that extra bump and grind can opt into the pass for 1000 platinum (10$ USD, give or take).

This most recent round of fixes and updates comes shortly after invites went out for the PTS (player test server) late last November, a move that was made squarely amidst a very vocal Bethesda backlash which you can read about here.

In other FPS news, CS:GO now has its very own battle royale variant called Danger Zone.

Image Source: Bethesda

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