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Ninja’s EDM Album “Ninjawerks” Out Now

Attention all epic Fortnite gamers.

You might have already seen some tracks cropping up here and there in the wild these last couple of weeks but now it’s official. Ninja, in some ways a real life Koku, has sourced out a compilation album of EDM tracks titled Ninjawerks Vol. 1.

Ambitious in more ways than one, the album’s list of credited artists is a veritable who’s who of heavy-hitter DJs and producers, featuring the likes of 3LAU, Tiësto, Alesso, Tycho, Kaskade, NERO, and Dillion Francis. In spite of all the big name superpower behind the compilation, the offering doesn’t seem to be trending in ways one might expect of a product associated with Ninja. A quick look at the YouTube channel of Astralwerks Records shows that the tracks haven’t exactly been popping off in the streets, with Alesso’s “Tilted Towers,” the first track uploaded to the channel on November 29, having only accrued 157,000 plays at the time of writing. Of course, YouTube is just one outlet for creators these days, and the compilation can be listened to via a number of services and platforms.

Exciting in that the melody sounded an awful lot like “Spoiler,” of the Cyperpunk 2077 trailer, I found “Game Time (feat. Ninja)” by 3LAU to be one of the compilations’ more enjoyable tracks. But there’s no accounting for taste, of course! You can check out all the tracks for yourself on Astralwerks Records channel, and if you really dig the good vibes you can purchase the album from the blue-haired wonder himself through his merchandise website here. Listen to 3LAU’s “Game Time (feat. Ninja)” below. 

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Ninja’s EDM Album “Ninjawerks” Out Now

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