Shonen Jump Announces New Subscription Service

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If you are a fan of manga, the announcement made by Shonen Jump earlier today will rock your world. The legendary manga magazine has announced a subscription service for official English translations of titles in its catalogue. As of December 17 the company that brought you such venerated titles as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and My Hero Academia will allow Western fans to read their current ongoing titles the same day as fans in Japan for free. This will be done through weekly releases on Shonen Jump’s website, as well as their mobile app. Vice President of Global SHONENJUMP Hisashi Sasaki’s heartfelt announcement of this brand new service put an emphasis on growing manga readership through the passion of fans, and respect for the mangaka who make these works.

For a paltry $1.99 USD a month fans will have access to over 10,000 chapters of Shonen Jump’s English catalogue. In what could easily be billed as one of the most generous deals ever devised for western manga fans, Shonen Jump has put readership, and ease of access, over potentially immense profit. Now, fans in the west will have a one stop shop for all that is shonen manga. If you are still somehow leery on what to expect from this new digital service, fans can try a 7-day free trial when things kick off on December 17.

Image Source: Shonen Jump

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