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CS:GO “Danger Zone” Battle Royale Goes Live

CS:GO Danger Close | Too Far Gone

Something, something… Archer Kenny Loggins.

With Fortnite already having all but cemented its place at the top, and pretty much every other popular shooter in existence each putting their own spin on the Battle Royale phenomenon, it was only a matter of time before we saw Valve throw it’s hat into the ring with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘s new Danger Zone game-mode. With this latest December 6 update we’ve been treated to all sort of new updates to the game, some albeit more exciting than others.

Obviously the most exciting part of the update, the dev team has added in a battle royale variant to stand alongside CS:GO’s already rigidly established team based action. The variant can be play solo, as a pair, or as a team of three—solo games cap at 16 players whereas teams will fill at 18. At the outset of the match players will select where they wish to land on the map and then rappel down to that location. Along with the usual clamoring for weapons and resources, players are able to find cash around the island and order supplies via drone. Ordering gear takes place in the “buy menu” found on the tablet. Players can use their tables to also see the approximate location of other combatants on the island and keep track of the gas.

Alongside the update comes a collection of new skins to be found in the boringly named “Danger Zone Case.” Players will also note changes that have been made to the prime matchmaking system. Previously the distinction was given to players that had downloaded Steam’s mobile authentication app, verified their mobile phone number and then racked up the requisite about of in-game experience (reached at level 21 of CS:GO’s progressive system). Players that were good standing before today’s update have been awarded prime status as well a commemorative “Loyalty Badge” to be displayed in lobbies and scoreboards.

Of course, all of this is now raising questions about how easy or difficult it will be for cheaters to re-enter the playing populous—a persistent issue that at one point nearly crippled the competitive community. Normally this wouldn’t be as big of a worry because cheaters would always have to buy new licenses, but as of this latest update CS:GO is officially free-to-play software—no small news in its own right. For those unafraid of getting aggressively hacked on, this might be the perfect time to jump back into Counter-Strike and see what Danger Zone has to offer. Players that successfully obtain 250XP in prime matches of the new mode will be treated to a a Souvenir MP5-SD gun skin aptly named Lab Rats.

Image Source(s): CS:GO via Author/Valve

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