The Puff With the Stuff: Liquid Hungrybox Takes Smash Summit 7

Hbox continues his domination of competitive Melee, stay tuned for more news at 11.

With its assemblage of top talent, and Swiss bracket tournament style, the semi-annual Smash Summit is seen as one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Smash world. It should come as no surprise to Melee fans then, that this event was fraught with interesting matches and developments in competitive Melee’s final latest 2018 offering.

Liquid Hungrybox’s maintenance of his first seed position through the Swiss bracket and solid 3-1 victories over C9 Mang0 in winners finals, and TSM Leffen in grand finals appeared to show a dominance over the field, but a complete steal of a win over PG Zain in first round of Winners, and a 3-2 set with VGBC Amsa in pools show that he still has deficiencies in non-spacie match-ups. Additionally, Mang0’s decision to play a full set of Fox against Hungrybox for the first time in recent history could have led to his loss, despite his more-practiced Falco’s struggle with the match-up since Smash Summit 6.

Interesting matches and runs include PS Bananas’ washout over FOX Mew2King and Mang0 in pools, granting him second seed in bracket which resulted in a close 3-2 loss to Leffen in the first round, and a closer set with Rishi in second round of losers for a 9th place finish, showing either a weakness to Ice Climbers at the top level of play. Amsa also had a good run, despite losses to Hungrybox and Mew2King in pools placing him in losers, he managed to eliminate OG Swedish Delight, PG Plup, and Rishi only to lose to ExG Wizzrobe to finish 5th. Wizzrobe himself had a great run, defeating Leffen in pools, and destroying Mew2King in winners bracket, only to lose to 1st and 2nd place finishers Hungrybox and Leffen for 4th.

Smash Summit is traditionally seen as the last major in the Melee calendar. Due to Hungrybox’s win, he’ll likely finish the year over Leffen and the newly retired Armada in 1st place on the MPGR. Despite this, the top 6-8 players in Melee appear closer than ever in skill over the past year, with it seeming like new threats could come from practically anywhere.

For more Melee this year, check out Don’t Park on the Grass on December 15th and 16th.

Image Source: Hungrybox

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