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Many are called, few are chosen. Pete is gonna make hay while the sun shines— all he needs is your credit card number, the three digits on the back, and the expiration month and year.

Hiring people on the internet and having them say things for you—more than just a cottage industry when you really think about it. Over the years though, every now and then, a major player will enter the meme scene and simply dominate. Joining the ranks of Tyrone is VoiceOverPete, a freelance content producer currently embroiled in a cult of personality controversy that he seems entirely ready to take advantage of.

A quick scroll through of VoiceOverPete (government name Pete Accetturo) and his YouTube channel is enough to surmise that the man probably didn’t mean to become memelord of the month, videos with noticeably lower view counts have him giving exemplar performances in an effort to drum up the attention of more traditionally respectable outfits. But sometimes these things just happen, and for Pete things don’t seem as though they could possibly be going any better.

Roughly three weeks ago, Pete recorded a video that set the scene on fire, was later removed from YouTube (apparently at the request of Epic Games) and was then banned from Fiverr, the platform where Pete had been plying his trade. The video in question showed Pete reciting a Fortnite in-joke, asking players to help John Wick by sending in their credit card numbers. Normally getting banned from the place where you make your money would be a bad thing, but Pete and his son PJ have been taking all the newfound attention and are looking to channel it onto other platforms. Pete can now be found over on Patreon filling orders from prospective clients and has set up a Twitch account as well. You can watch a re-up the video that sent him packing below, but if you want something with a bit more meat on the bones to sink your teeth into you can read our extensive interview with Albert Marin of the RE4HD Project right here.

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