PlayStation Fortnite Crossplay Activated

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Cue the floss dance.

After weeks of the ol’ song and dance, Sony big wig John Kodera announced via the official PlayStation blog that the company would be reevaluating their stance on crossplay, specifically regarding the Battle Royale Mega-hit Fortnite. In short, Fortnite crossplay is now officially a thing.

The “open beta” for PS4 players starts today, allowing crossplay between the other major consoles, as well as mobile players on both Android and iOS. Among his pandering, Kodera keenly noted that “the communities around some games have evolved to the point where cross-platform experiences add significant value to players.” No matter the reasoning PlayStation has capitulated, reluctantly giving their user-base what they wanted. One of the main issues regarding the lack of Fortnite crossplay was that PlayStation owners that had linked their accounts were unable to play on other consoles, leading some to create multiple accounts for each of their play devices. In response to Kodera’s announcement, Epic tweeted that they were exploring options that would either allow players to unlink or merge accounts.

Having finally seen the light, one can only speculate when Sony will begin rolling out the much anticipated name change feature, something Microsoft has allowed via Xbox Live for years now. But with Season 6 of Fortnite due out tomorrow, perhaps there are bigger fish to fry.

Image Source: Epic Games via Author

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