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Popuko and Pipimi strike back.It looks like Pipimi and Popuko’s wild ride isn’t over just yet. During the Pop Team Epic Special Event ~Pop Cast Epic!!~, that was held on September 16, it was announced that the everyone’s favourite meta-absurdist gag comedy show would be getting a brand new anime special on April 1, 2019. For now details remain sparse, although we have been told that eventually more information will be revealed on the show’s official website. Fans of the both the show, and its 4-koma manga might recognize the date as an important one, not only being April Fools’ Day, but it was that date in 2017 that the show’s anime adaptation was announced.

But who’s to say what could come out of this anime special? For Pop Team Epic’s eighth episode the show was broadcast online eight times in a row: a nod to the infamous eight episode long, time bending storyline from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzmiya‘s “The Endless Eight.” Honestly, be prepared for anything and everything in regards to this new special.

Pop Team Epic premiered as part of the 2018 winter anime season to a stunned, confused, but ultimately laughing, anime fandom. If you wanted to learn more about one of this year’s top comedy anime we here at Too Far Gone have written a helpful guide.

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