KSIvLogan Draw in YouTube Boxing Matchup

Too Far Gone | KSI Logan Paul

In what served to be a rather entertaining title fight, and a far more engaging event than the Twitch touted robo-mecha slam down of last year, KSI retains the belt in a majority draw against Logan Paul in the KSIvLogan YouTube pay-per-view amateur boxing matchup.

Coming out of the gate strong in the early rounds, Paul largely used his superior reach to hammer out hits whilst simultaneously keeping KSI at bay. Muddling through the middle rounds of the fight, both combatants attempted to shore themselves up, with significant hits coming far and few between. As the match worn on however, KSI managed to outlast Paul in terms of stamina—eking out headshots and managing to earn points in spite of repeated clinching. After six rounds of taunts, grappling, and wild flailing, judges deemed the match a majority draw (KSI, draw, draw).

JJ and Paul, in what was likely a shock to no one, immediately queued up a rematch. This comes alongside a post-victory callout by Jake Paul (winner of the preceding Paul v Deji matchup), challenging Chris Brown to step into the ring. With more to come from the YouTube superstars, the story-line indeed continues.

Image Source: Logan Paul

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