Sweden Names New Monarch: TSM Leffen Takes EVO 2018

Too Far Gone | TSM Leffen EVO 2018

On August 5, TSM Leffen fulfilled a 2 year old self-prophecy by obliterating Alliance Armada 3-0 in the grand finals of Super Smash Bros Melee at EVO 2018. The set was notable for its high speed, technical gameplay from both opponents, but Leffen’s current domination of Armada’s Fox in games 1 and 2, as well as his historic domination of Armada’s Peach in game 3 led to him sweeping the finals without losing a set. Leffen’s run all throughout the tournament was dominant, with him adapting to and destroying Liquid Hungrybox over the course of a 2-1 set, and making quick work of PG Plup in another 3-0 showing.

Despite some being suprised to see 4th seed Leffen’s take the tournament, it wasn’t even close to the biggest upset that weekend. Legendary bastion of consistency Armada dropped a set to Sheik main OG Swedish Delight 2-1, making it his first loss to a player outside of the top 6 in the history of SSBM Rankings as well as his first set loss outside of top 8 since 2012. Other huge upsets included a second round pools loss by FOX Mew2King to Rishi 2-1 in the Marth ditto, a match-up Mew2King has historically been dominant in. This lead to the astonishing losers bracket match-up of Mew2King vs. Armada for 13th place, a grouping that was the grand finals of Smash Summit a couple of months ago, which Armada won 2-1.

It was a bittersweet weekend for Canadian Melee fans, with up-and-comer Moky losing to unranked players John Wick and Bimbo to finish at an uncharacteristic 97th place. Things were also looking all but lost when top Canadian player and Captain Falcon hero ALG N0ne lost to Sheik player Darkatma, placing him into losers in the second round of pools. N0ne subsequently managed to muscle past Squid, TA Rocky, IMT Shroomed, Rishi, and DIG Lucky only to lose to fellow Falcon rival Wizzrobe for a 9th place finish, saving Canada’s hopes and dreams with his amazing losers run.

The next big tournament this summer is Heir 5, set to be the largest European tournament ever, which will be taking place August 17-19 in Leicester, UK. For those who aren’t big on catching European stream times, Shine 2018 will be happening on August 24-26 in Boston, MA.

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