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Let It Die Headed to PC Fall 2018

Too Far Gone | Uncle Death

Revealed this morning by Gamespot and later confirmed by Gung Ho Online, Let It Die will officially be ported to the PC later this fall.

Self described as a “hack and slash rougelike kind of a thing,” players are tasked with scaling the Tower of Barbs and collecting the treasure therein. Grindy, repetitive, and a touch of the tedious, players navigate the labyrinthine layers of the tower with fighters whilst accruing, crafting, and utilizing a wide variety of armour and weaponry. Upon death, players can choose to either fork over Kill Coins, spend the premium Death Metal currency, or grind out the loss with a new fighter. Slain player avatars reappear in the game as HATERS: high level enemies designed to shred through the player and thus, theoretically, perpetuate the in-game economy. With a colourful cast of characters, unforgiving combat, and online base defense multiplayer baked in, if you can stomach the game’s economy system you’ll likely find something to enjoy.

Since its launch back in late 2016, Let It Die has slogged through the months with regular maintenance and updates. The title has even seen some interesting crossover action from cult-hit classic titles like Gravity Rush and Grasshopper Manufacture mainstay killer7.

Given Sony’s recent behaviour regarding Fortnite crossplay, it seems a little unlikely that players will be able to use pre-existing PS4 data to continue their Sisyphus style adventure on the PC or engage PS4 players via Tokyo Death Metro—but only time will tell for sure!

Image Source: GungHo Online Entertainment

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