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You’ve likely been confronted with the most ambitious crossover event in history before, but truly, on this day, we have found a crossover for the ages.  Legend meets legacy, in what can only be described as a power move by Wizards of the Coast. On July 23, the company put out a press release regarding an upcoming campaign sourcebook that had been leaked the previous night on Amazon: D&D: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravinca. Yes, that’s right, Dungeons and Dragons has merged with Magic the Gathering. With both properties owned by the monolithic games company, it had always been a cheerfully optimistic pipe dream that two of the traditional gaming world’s biggest brands would converge as one. And yet, here we are.

This confluence in gaming is also showing up sooner than you might think, with a release date of November 20 2018. Veteran players from both sides of the aisle will be able to dive into Ravnica, the City of Guilds, and start a new adventure like none before. The source book will contain everything players need to start this new journey including classes, races, monsters, and information surrounding the ten guilds that make up one of Magic’s most beloved planes.

With D&D being more popular than ever, and Magic having entered into its twenty-fifth year of existence, the stars have truly aligned in this unprecedented crossover. Also due out this October 5 is Guilds of Ravinca, the next major set for the Magic TCG. True planeswalkers can check out Wizards of the Coast’s press release here, as well as our more recent Magic coverage about the lifting of alcohol prohibition at DCI sanctioned events.

Image Source: Wizards of the Coast

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