Magic the Gathering Updates Event Alcohol Policy

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If you are fan of the much beloved TCG, Magic the Gathering, there are three words that you know will kick off your weekend after a long week at the business factory, Friday Night Magic. And what better way to kick off said weekend than cracking open a cold one and slinging some spells. That’s right, as of July 23 alcohol can be served at DCI-sanctioned events. In a July 17 press release Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic the Gathering, announced that event organizers will be able to serve alcohol at said sanctioned events, as well as set age restrictions for events.

For obvious reasons these two announcement come hand in hand, as Wizards does not condone the presence of alcohol around minors. This carves out a whole new category of events specifically aimed at younger players. From personal experience I can say that while I enjoyed learning the game as a kid, getting steamrolled by battle scarred veterans can be quite frustrating. These new age restricted events could however open up greener pastures for young players. allowing them to learn in a beginner’s environment and play against kids their own age—with similar skill sets and budgets.

The new sanctions also work to the benefit of long time patrons. While competition should always be open to everyone, a more mature atmosphere could be a welcome change for the older crowd. While some players see this as Wizard’s catering to its older audience (Magic the Gathering has been around for twenty five years) others have different types of concerns regarding this policy update. One such concern is the ever looming storm of mixing alcohol with competition. There is nothing more frustrating than playing with poor sports and when you mix alcohol into it, an upset competitor could turn into a nightmare. Also looming is the question of whether or not local game store owners, or even judges at Wizards sanctioned Grand Prix events, will have the training necessary to deal with their now inebriated players.

Of course, with all new changes, only time will tell how things resolve. Hopefully this new policy will lead to good times and good games. You can check out Wizards of the Coast’s official press release at the link here. If you’re looking to pre-game with a little bit of rowdy Magic, stay tuned for episode eleven of The Goners podcast.

Image Source: Wizards of the Coast

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