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Heat got you down? Is the crushing weight of that oh so recognizable summer humidity keeping you indoors? Here at Too Far Gone we got the cheat codes to beat the heat, as it’s once again the beginning of a new anime season. While there are many excellent shows to watch, some with franchises receiving new seasons, others continuing on from the spring, here are our top picks for you to enjoy this summer season.

Asobi Asobase

If you need some laughs this summer then you might want to check out Asobi Asobase—a bizarre, ignoble comedy. Asobi Asobase primarily features the members of the “Past Timers Club,” a club designed for the cynical purposes of its members. First, Hanako Honda, an odd girl who in a vain attempt to become popular joined the light tennis club only to find popularity escaping her in spite of her tennis prowess. Second is Hanako’s friend Olivia, the daughter of American parents but born and raised in Japan, she puts on a show of pretending to be exotic by speaking Japanese poorly while knowing absolutely no English whatsoever. Thirdly, we have Kasumi Nomura, a girl whose hatred for games drives her into a rage, is failing her English class, and agrees to join the club in hopes that Olivia will tutor her. Don’t let its moe trappings fool you though, because this show is anything but. Stylistically similar to the cult classic Nichijou, that is, if the cast of the show could barely tolerate each other and was set to aggressive rock—this is their story.



A sports anime with a bit of a different twist, Hanebado! looks to separate itself from the pack by changing its focus slightly. While it is your typical high school sports club setting, the story really sets itself apart. The plot focuses on an already established badminton club whose captain, Nagisa Aragaki, upset, and unsettled after a recent defeat, has begun to take her perceived weakness out on her fellow club members. With a brand new school year starting, Ayano Hanesaki, a new student at school, is unwillingly dragged to see the badminton club. Here we have the confrontation that will move the plot forward, as it was Ayano who handed Nagisa the crushing defeat mentioned previously. A mix of dramatic tension and sports action Hanebado! hopes to capitalize on both its more grounded plotline and excellent animation. To be perfectly frank, what really sold me was this clip showing off the amazing quality of animation.


Free! Dive to the Future

More in line with the traditional side of sports anime, Free! is back on the scene with its third season. Dedicated readers of the site will know that I am a big fan of all things Kyoto Animation, especially their most recent work Violet Evergarden which recently announced a brand new feature film. Carrying on their momentum KyoAni look to once again win hearts and minds with the beautiful boys of the Iwatobi Swim Club. It’s Haruka, Makoto, and Rin’s third year, which brings the added weight of planning for a future outside of high school, along with all the usual competition and the rivalries therein. It’s hard not to expect another quality showing from one of Kyoto Animations’ most beloved franchises. Hopefully season three will live up  to those expectations.


And those are our hot picks for the summer season! But if you need to put something good in front of your eyeballs right now, you will want to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch Doki Doki Literature Club: On Parody and Satire.

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