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Yes, you read the title for this article correctly. On July 5 at Anime Expo it was announced that Sunrise, the makers of the much venerated Mobile Suit Gundam series, and Legendary Entertainment, the company behind Pacific Rim, would be collaborating to create the live-action feature film. This is no small undertaking and the list of panelists for this announcement proved how important this project will be. The panel included: Sunrise’s President and CEO Yasuo Miyakawa, Legendary’s Executive Vice-President of Production Cale Boyter, and Bandai Namco Holdings President and Representative Director Mitsuaki Taguchi.

As reported by us here at Too Far Gone last year in August, we knew something big was coming. April of 2019 will mark the fortieth anniversary of the Gundam franchise and it seems this was the big project that had been whispered about all those months ago. At the panel Miyakawa confirmed that this historic anniversary was the instigating event for the upcoming film. He also emphasized that this was not just a move for licensing and investment. This co-development as Miyakawa stated, has Sunrise and Legendary working together both on the script, and mecha designs, and the project won’t move forward into the next phase until a full agreement is met.

Little is known about the upcoming film, as stated above it would seem that the script is still in development. However, there is one tidbit of interesting information from the press release about the announcement. It gives a synopsis of the Universal Century. Fans will know that this is the main time line of the Gundam franchise, and that it is the timeline that the original 1979 anime Mobile Suit Gundam is set in. In Pacific Rim Uprising, which premiered in March of 2018, the real life statue of Gundam Unicorn is shown briefly in the climactic battle between the Jaeger pilots and the Kaiju monsters in Tokyo. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, and this now almost certainly seems to be a nod from Legendary, the production company behind Uprising, to their future partnership with Sunrise.


Image Source: Sunrise

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