Doki Doki Literature Club: On Parody and Satire

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Doki doki—it’s the sound your heart makes! You might have known about the DDLC clothing collaboration from earlier this year, but we actually have something of our own for a change. After diving into digital chaos and watching our computer screens collapse into a void of nothingness, we here at Too Far Gone are pleased to say that we survived. Not only did we survive, we actually brought something back. At long last production has ended for our first ever video in a new ongoing series about the stories that make up the culture we love. Doki Doki Literature Club: On Parody and Satire marks the beginning of a new chapter of Too Far Gone.

In the following 9 minutes and 26 seconds, we explore what a visual novel is and how DDLC stands apart from the rest—a prime representation (in our opinion) of what good satirical content can do, given the right penmanship and brush. Again, it’s our first and we’re excited to see what we can come up with next for all of you.

We’ve embedded the video for you below and if you enjoy it, please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel because there will be more on the way soon.

Image Source: Too Far Gone via Team Salvato

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