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If you’re someone that can’t get enough of Kyoto Animation’s brilliant Violet Evergarden, then do we have some exciting news for you. For those unaware, Kyoto Animation’s partnership with Netflix as part of the streaming service’s push to get into the anime space was what led to the anime adaptation of Kana Akatastuki’s titular light novel series. Violet Evergarden aired simultaneously on both television in Japan and Netflix (internationally) during the 2018 winter anime season. The show was originally thirteen episodes in length, but with the upcoming release of the fourth Blu-ray volume a new episode was created and premiered at a special screening at NHK Hall in Tokyo on July 1. With this brand new episode screening came the exciting news that there will be a Violet Evergarden movie. The announcement states that the movie will premiere in January of 2020, and that it will be released worldwide. Whether that means it will be shown in theatres, or streamed on Netflix like its inaugural season,  has yet to be elucidated.

Violet Evergarden tells the tale of a young girl who, at the behest of the military, is raised as a child soldier to fight in a continental wide war. As the war comes to a decisive close Violet is severely injured, losing both of her arms. Spending months in a military hospital recovering, and learning to use her new mechanical arms, she is released into the custody of former Lieutenant Colonel Hodgin’s care. Upon entering Hodgin’s custody Violet adjusts to civilian life by working at the post office he founded, as she seeks out the meaning of her former commanding officer’s (Gilbert Bougainvillea) final words: “I love you.”

Violet Evergarden was among our must watch anime of the 2018 winter season. Its breathtaking visuals, beautiful animation, and heart wrenching story are a must watch for any fan of Kyoto Animation, and anime in general.


Image Source: Kyoto Animation

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