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It seems that the anime production alliance, between the movie and television streaming giant Netflix, and Japanese anime studios like Production I.G., will be making good once again. On Tuesday June 12, at the Annecy International Festival of Animated Film, Netflix announced that it had green lit a second season for B: The Beginning, one of the production alliance’s first projects together. The show’s first season began streaming in March of 2018 and consisted of twelve episodes. The sci-fi crime thriller is competing at the Annecy Festival in the ‘TV Films’ category.

B: The Beginning follows the story of two characters, Keith Flick, a brilliant but washed up detective, and Koku, a genetically enhanced teenager with inhuman powers. What ties these two strangers together is a grisly series of murders committed by the infamous criminal known as Killer B. It’s up to Keith and Koku to find the assailant and unravel the mystery behind their entwined destiny.

If you are itching for more B: The Beginning content our editor-in-chief, Christian Metaxas, has written an interesting think piece on the show and its relationship with the rising phenomenon of the Battle Royale genre.

Image Source: Production I.G.

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