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Fans of Ho-kago Tea Time, it seems like there is a bit of a revival in the works for everyone’s favourite high school band. A new premium box set is available for Kyoto Animation’s fan favourite K-On!. This box set will be must have for those who do not own a physical copy of one of Kyoto Animation’s most influential works.

First and foremost, the box containing the collection of swag is designed to look like a flight case for musical equipment, which is a call back to when the cast flew overseas to London, England in the anime’s movie. Inside said case will be a load of goodies that come alongside Blu-Rays for the show’s two seasons, the aforementioned movie, and a CD of the shows soundtrack. The premium box set features three art booklets: the one for the first season being forty eight pages, the second season’s being fifty six pages, and finally the movie’s booklet will be twenty four pages. The kit will also include six reversible art cards, a three piece sticker set, a limited edition pin set of the cast in swimsuits, a keychain of the cast depicted in their maid uniforms, and finally, six guitar picks with different designs. All of these collectibles can be seen on the Sentai Filmworks site—truly a treasure trove for fans of K-On!.

K-On! premiered in 2009 and follows the story of Yui Hirasawa, a scatter brained high school student who joins her school’s light music club. Soon she and her friends in the club form their band Ho-kago Tea Time: named for their love of tea and cake, which they indulge in regularly. K-On!’s influence is immediately recognizable to fans of Kyoto Animation’s works as its character design would serve as the groundwork for the studio’s future projects for years to come. It also ushered in an era of animation where Moe was the focus. At the time, K-On! rivaled the likes of Bakemonogatari as one of the top most selling animes ever, leading the market to shift towards its very cute and friendly style slice of life shows like Yuru Camp.

Image Source: Kyoto Animation

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