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Art imitates life which imitates art it would seem, as the newest installment of the Bullet Girls franchise is introduced by a virtual YouTube personality of sorts. Channeling Kizuna Ai, of YouTube fame, Merrina Iris (one of the new characters from the upcoming game) presents us with the newest promotional material for Bullet Girls Phantasia.

The game’s release date appears to have been pushed from this spring to August 9, to be released for both PS4 and PS Vita with English localization by H2 Interactive. Bullet Girls Phantasia will retain the gunplay of the series’ predecessors while situating the girls in the fantasy world of Midguard, tasked with fighting against an evil dragon and an army of orcs that have broken through the magic once sealing them away. Naturally, the girls will use swords and magic in addition to modern weaponry when taking on the enemies of this magical realm. BGP also marks a shift for the series mechanically, as “buddy” characters will have a more prominent role in combat than the “support” characters did in previous Bullet Girls games.


Playing as members of the high school Ranger Club, complete with tearaway attire, Bullet Girls Phantansia will also feature the franchise’s “interrogation training mode.” Very much akin to the Senran Kagura “dressing room,” players will have the usual diorama style functionality that they’ve come to expect of the military action shooting franchise. has the product listed and available for order here. The limited edition will include: the OST, an artbook, bonus DLC costumes, playing cards featuring the game’s characters, and one of those novelty 3d mousepads we all know and love. If you’d like to check out the newest BGP promotional video from D3 Publisher you can log-in through the age gate and see the new footage for yourself. We have, however, included an English version of the localization announcement below for your convenience.

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