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Interesting news out of Korea this week as we learn more about the live action adaptation of Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade. A story that has been in the works since late December 2012, this new adaptation of the anime film, now titled In-Rang, has a release date of July 2018 in South Korea. Directed by Kim Jee-woon, In-Rang is a new take on the Jin Roh anime film that was directed by Hiroyuki Okiura in the year 2000. Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade’s original story (and screen play) were written by acclaimed Japanese film maker Mamoru Oshii, who is best known for his directorial work on the anime classic Ghost in the Shell.

The original plot behind Jin Roh had us journey to an alternate 1950’s Japan where Germany had conquered the island nation. Focused on the main character Kazuki Fuse, a member of an elite anti-terrorism unit, Jin Roh looks at the consequences of Fuse’s actions as he fails to shoot a young female terrorist who then detonates a bomb, killing only herself in the process.

With In-Rang we see that the plot has changed to reflect a Korean audience. Instead of being set in an alternate history Japan, the film is set in a near future version of Korea where the North and South plan to unify. This message of unification breeds resentment on the peninsula and soon anti-unification terrorists begin to try and disrupt the peace process. The movie will follow the elite anti-terrorism unit, the Kereberos Panzer Corps, and the human weapon known as “Wolf.” If you need something good to watch right this minute though you can check out Megalo Box, a story in which cyberpunk collides with the sport of boxing.

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