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Treating fans to some huge news in advance of E3, The Pokémon Company has announced two new upcoming titles: Pokémon Quest, a game resembling Pokémon Rumble Blast, and Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu Eevee, a landmark reimagining of the original Kanto region with some updated functionality and mechanics. With Let’s Go launching November 16 2018 and a mainline title on the horizon for 2019, there’s a lot of new information to pore overso let’s go!

First off is Pokémon Quest, what looks to be a smaller scale sandbox experience, allowing players to face off in dungeon crawler combat against other Pokémon on Tumblecube Island. The Pokémon featured in the promotional material are all cube-like in appearance. Players will traverse the island with their small team of three Pokémon, establish and decorate a Base Camp, and manage skills via Power Stones. Available via the Nintendo eShop at the time of writing, via iOS and Android devices later this June, you can watch the trailer for Pokémon Quest here.

Let’s Go, arguably the more tantalizing title for the two announced this evening, is based on the Kanto originals that kicked off the Pokémon craze back in the late 90’s. Using a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, players can navigate their avatars, engage in battle, and throw Pokéballs to catch wild Pokémon. Both in battle and during capture, players will be able to explore together through local co-op play. This can be done with either a Joy-Con or the “Pokéball Plus” peripheral. The game’s capture mechanic looks to be fashioned after the one featured in Pokémon Go. The game also features integration with Pokémon Go, allowing you to transfer your Pokémon between the titles, so you’ll be able to interact on the go either with your Switch, smartphone, or with your Pokéball peripheral (the functionality of the Pokéball Plus appears to resemble the Pokéwalker that was packaged with the Pokémon: Heart Gold Soul Silver remakes).

TPC also announced via Twitter that players can expect to see a mainline RPG title released sometime in the second half of 2019, meaning that they don’t consider Let’s Go to be a mainline gamegood news for game hungry fans of the franchise. Check out the trailer below to see all the new goodness for yourself!

Image Source: The Pokémon Company

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