God of the North: Liquid Hungrybox Takes Get On My Level 2018

Too Far Gone | Liquid Hungrybox GOML

On May 20, Liquid Hungrybox bested PG Plup in a comeback showing during the second set of grand finals at Get On My Level 2018. Despite having lost to Plup 3-1 in winners finals, Hungrybox, in what has come to be standard fashion, adapted, taking the first set closely 3-2 and the second set solidly 3-1 to win the tournament.

The rest of the tournament featured lots of interesting play, with FOX Mew2King debuting a Jigglypuff against Tempo Axe’s Pikachu, taking a game, but ultimately losing in a close 3-2 showing. Canadian wunderkind Moky demonstrated his prowess in the Fox ditto by beating European master RB Ice 2-1, unexpectedly becoming the highest placing Canadian at the event, outplacing favourites like ERG Ryan Ford, ALG N0ne, Mirage Kage, and Kirbykaze. PG Zain made a deep run after losing to Norcal bred, Ontario based Hyprid in Marth dittos (a matchup notably weak for him), taking down the likes of N0ne, IMT Shroomed, Moky, and CLG SFAT, only to lose to Axe for a 5th place finish.

In other notable matches, New England Fox maverick Crush was able to take Hungrybox to game 5, revealing an excellent neutral and a willingness to use guaranteed hits over potentially risky play to edge out two games against the best player in the world. Although Crush ultimately lost, his grasp of the neutral game in the Jigglypuff match-up makes it seem like he could be causing big upsets any day now. On the other side of play, Moky’s bait heavy yet aggressive play earned him a game against recent Summit champion Mew2King. However, Mew2King’s adaptability and mastery of the spacie match-ups with Marth proved to be too much for the Toronto Fox main, leading him to lose 3-1. Although he hasn’t entered many tournaments so far this year, the high-level play Moky demonstrated is making him a name to watch for the future.

The upcoming summer marks an increase in Smash tournaments, referred to by many as the “Summer of Smash”. The next major tournament is Wisconsin’s Smash ‘N’ Splash 4, which will see over 900 attendees in the Melee bracket competition. Smash ‘N’ Splash will be happening on June 1-3.

Image Source: EMG

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