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The contest has ended! Check out this video of our winner unboxing the goods!

I’m glad you asked. In addition to bringing you a spiffed up English translation of the Persona 5 OST liner notes, we’ve also decided to give you the total experience. That’s right, we’re giving all you goners a chance to win the Persona 5 Official Soundtrack. As a small time website we’re proud to connect you with the culture you care about, and we’re excited to give back to a lifestyle that has already given us the backlog of a lifetime. To that effect, we are pleased to present you with a chance to win some cold hard swag.

Gaining eligibility couldn’t be easier. Below we’ve attached links to multiple social media sites that will allow you to follow all our pages and channels, and subscribe to all our content in a matter of seconds. Sign in, hit the buttons, get entries—and you’re all set! You’ll get one entry for every social account you follow. The more you follow and subscribe the better your odds, so make sure to lock in with whatever you got. Look for us on your social networks over the next couple of week as well, because there might be more ways to win as the contest goes on!

Entries can be accumulated until May 28 2018, at which point we’ll select a winner from the pool of people that participated. Keep in mind that you’ll have to still be subscribed and following us at the time of selection to be considered for the draw. Best of luck to all, tell your friends, and thanks for being a part of what we’ve built here so far!

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