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Too Far Gone | SCP Light Novel, Iris

The SCP Foundation has (uncharacteristically?) been getting a surprising amount of attention lately, with fans and curious newcomers alike flocking to download SCP: Secret Laboratory. Along with the free to play game, an SCP light novel will also soon be upon us. Drawing inspiration from a number of SCP Foundation articles, the light novel will be authored by Akira (Kyōran Kazoku Nikki) and illustrated by Sidu (Kagerou Daze)—its title, a play on words, loosely translates to “Iris Through The Looking Glass.”

SCP stands for “Secure, Contain, Protect” and is the motto of the SCP Foundation: a worldwide secret organization that works to keep everyday people safe from a variety of objects and entities that seem to defy law and logic. SCP-105 for example, featured front and center in the publication promotional image, is a girl named Iris that’s capable of physically manipulating the actual objects found in photographs taken with SCP-105-B (the camera).

From its humble beginnings on 4chan’s /x/ board, the collaborative writing project has been going strong for roughly a decade now. Those interested in perusing the Foundation’s many files and articles need only skip over to SCP stories are listed as part of the Creative Commons, meaning that they’re mostly fair game to get reused, remixed, and recycled, so long as proper citation and crediting occurs.

The derivative light novel seems to be available for pre-order as part of a limited run, and will be released next month on June 28. Those interested in purchasing, or just taking a gander at the wares, can do so here. While you may have to wait a month or so for the book, The Goners podcast is ready and waiting for you!

Image Source: Hifumi Shobo

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