The King of the Summit: FOX Mew2King Takes Smash Summit 6

Too Far Gone | MVG Echo Fox Mew2King Summit 6

On May 6, FOX Mew2King upset Alliance Armada 3-1 in the first set of grand finals at Smash Summit 6. Despite a lifetime losing record against Armada, previously going 4-23, Mew2King managed to knock Armada into losers bracket in the first round, and then eliminate him in grand finals, in two dominant 3-1 sets. On his way to grand finals, Mew2King also defeated TSM Leffen and PG Zain, both in 3-1 sets. Throughout the tournament, the only set he lost was to PG Plup in the pools matches to determine seeding. This marks the first time in his career Mew2King has been able to win a tournament in the post-doc era of Melee with the entire top 6 in attendance.

The rest of the tournament was fraught with upsets, especially during the controversial pools matches to determine seeding. C9 Mango managed to defeat both Liquid Hungrybox and Alliance Armada with his Falco, match-ups thought unwinnable for him by statisticians for years. VGBC Amsa managed to clinch out a win over Hungrybox in a grueling marathon of a 5 game match, including a rarely seen timeout. With a pair of losses Hungrybox, the number 1 seed, was relegated to the losers bracket for the first round of the tournament, a baffling result leading to some complaints with the format.

Even with Mew2King’s uncharacteristic win, the true underdog success story of the tournament appeared to be PG Zain’s incredible winners run, defeating Mango and Plup in nail-biter 3-2 sets to make it into winners finals, only losing sets to tournament champion Mew2King and runner-up Armada. Zain would achieve a career high 3rd place at the invitational, making him the first vote-in player at a Smash Summit to make top 3.

Hungry melee fans won’t have to wait too long for their next fix, with Get On My Level 2018 happening May 18-20 in Toronto, Canada.

Image Source: beyondthesummit

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