Ocarina of Time Completed While Blindfolded in 17 Hours

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You’ve probably played through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you might have even completed a three heart run, or purposefully got the sage medallions out of order. But did you ever play through the entire game blindfolded? Ocarina of Time is an N64 classic and remains highly regarded even nearly two decades after its original release, with the phrase “greatest game of all time” unironically thrown about during its discussion. So when someone runs the whole game without so much as looking at the screen it’s impressive, to say the least.

On April 15 2018, katun24 completed a blindfolded run that wrapped up just shy of seventeen hours. While the split now being floated by katun24 is 16:57:10, most runs are generally clocked at when the player lands the killing blow on Ganon. katun24 initiates the final sequence at 16:57:18 from what we can tell, but there might be minutiae that we’re overlooking or not privy to. Considering the scope of what is naturally more of an endurance run than it is a speedrun, this is one of those destinations that really is more about the journey (he doesn’t even bother halting the clock until 16:58:10). The seventeen hour run is a long and stupefying test of memory and stamina, methodically z-locking targets and paying close attention to a wide variety of sound cues, all without ever taking a break (the game needs to be “paused” periodically for item and inventory management). In a thread on Reddit katun24 provides in depth notes on his run strategy, adding that “this was a one-time run. Grinding a category this long and exhausting requires an insane amount of motivation…”

If you’re looking for a nice video to spend an entire day watching, you can watch the playback on Twitch. But if you’re just looking for a taste of the madness, you can check out a pretty choice highlight embedded below.

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