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Fans of Violet Evergarden rejoice, there is more to come! With the series wrapping up its thirteenth episode, Kyoto Animation left fans a message at the end of the show’s Japanese television broadcast. A “completely new” anime production is in the works, perhaps evolving beyond the titular novel that acted as source material for the acclaimed anime. In 2014 author Kana Akatsuki’s novel Violet Evergarden won the grand prize in the Kyoto Animation Award program’s novel category. This was also the first time any work had ever won a grand prize in the contest. Violet Evergarden is exclusively available to stream on Netflix as one of the world’s largest streaming services tries to gain a foothold in the anime streaming market.

Violet Evergarden follows the story of a former child soldier after suffering traumatic injuries during the final battle of a continent-wide war, leaving her physically and mentally wounded. Upon discharge from the military hospital she is given over to the custody of the now retired Colonel Hodgins, the friend of her former commanding officer Major Gilbert Bougainvillea. Soon after she begins work as an auto memory doll, women who write beautiful and articulate letters for paying customers, at the postal service that Hodgins now runs. Through these experiences she hopes to finally find meaning in the final words of Major Gilbert, “I love you.”

Violet Evergarden is one of our must watch shows of the 2018 winter anime season, and is now available in its entirety on Netflix.

Image Source: Kyoto Animation

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