First Six Minutes of Persona 5 the Animation Streamed

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Persona fans will be happy to know that we are inching closer to the premiere of the Persona 5 anime adaptation, but just in case you are a little impatient, A-1 Pictures has you covered. On March 28 the first six minutes of Persona 5 the Animation were streamed on Japan’s AbemaTV.

The hugely successful Persona 5 game for PlayStation 3 and 4 follows the story of a group of teenagers in Tokyo who, after stumbling into the metaverse, become vigilantes fighting tyrannical corruption among adults. While the anime adaption should follow the plot of the game, Jun Fukuyama, seiyuu for protagonist Ren Amamiya, made some interesting comments at AnimeJapan on the types of differences fans may see. While the game’s protagonist is silent throughout the game, Fukuyama has the task of bringing the character to life in the anime, and he believes this will bring some changes to how things play out. One of the most interesting comments made by Fukuyama was on romance. He states that Amimiya will not focus on one member of the female cast but have encounters with many of them, suggesting that the protagonist’s final relationship could be up in the air till the very end.

Persona 5 the Animation airs on April 7 as part of the Spring 2018 anime season.

Image Source: Atlus

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