Liquid Hungrybox Wins Full Bloom 4

Too Far Gone | Liquid Hungrybox Full Bloom 4

On March 25, Liquid Hungrybox defeated C9 Mango in the first set of grand finals to win Full Bloom 4. While the matches appeared close, Hungrybox was able to overcome C9 Mango’s aggressive, flashy play to take the set 3-1. This continues a winning streak for Hungrybox, having won every 2018 tournament he’s entered except for Genesis 5 back in January. Additionally, he has also not dropped a set since Genesis 5, winning every tournament since from the winners side of grand finals, showing complete dominance over the competition.

Despite the characteristic win from Hungrybox, the rest of the tournament featured some heavy upsets and exciting runs, most notably from Nicaraguan born Toronto based Captain Falcon main ALG N0ne, who knocked Frys Wizzrobe into losers bracket 3-2 in a reverse 3-0 fashion, demonstrating his adaptability. ALG N0ne finished the tournament in 5th place, earning an invitation to Smash Summit 6. Minnesota Fox/Shiek main CLN Absentpage also went on a tear after losing to Ginger in bracket pools. He eliminated Toronto Fox legend ERG Ryan Ford, Florida Falcon maverick WAR Gahtzu, and MD/VA Peach master lloD to finish at a career high 9th place. NYC Jigglypuff main MnT 2saint obliterated So-Cal Fox gurus beast coast MikeHaze and DIG Lucky in dominant 3-0 showings to place an unexpected 17th.

Full Bloom 4 marks the end of the first quarter of the Melee calendar year. The next major event is the invitational Smash Summit 6, which is taking place May 3-6.

Image Source: Hungrybox

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