Amazon Snags Exclusive Streaming Rights to Two New Anime Adaptations

Too Far Gone | Vinland Saga

It was only a matter of time before other streaming services began to emulate Netflix’s growing interest in anime. While earlier this year Netflix announced that it had entered into an anime production alliance with notable studios in Japan, Amazon Prime Video, after shuttering their Anime Strike service, has now begun to follow suit by procuring exclusive worldwide streaming rights for its own anime content. Hoping to take on Netflix’s Devilman: Crybaby and Violet Evergarden, Amazon has secured the rights to stream the anime adaptation of Viking manga Vinland Saga, and the newest adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo.

Vinland Saga’s anime adaptation will be done by Wit Studio, the team behind 2013 mega hit Attack on Titan and the Crunchyroll “Best Drama” winnerThe Ancient Magus’ Bride. The story focuses on Thorfinn, who joins the warband of his father’s killer in hopes of enacting retribution and soon finds himself caught up in a war with the crown of England.


The second anime adaptation of Tezuka’s Dororo will be handled by MAPPA, the studio that brought us Yuri!!! on Ice, alongside Tezuka Productions. The supernatural manga is set in 1470s and follows Hyakkimaru, a man who has lost forty-eight body parts. Having obtained a fake body, he must now defeat forty-eight monsters — each made of a part he lost — in order to regain himself.


Image Source: Kodansha

Editor’s Note: This article contained two editing errors that were immediately fixed after publication.

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