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Grasshopper Manufacture Remaster Plans

Too Far Gone | killer7, Dan Smith

We’ve all grown accustomed to the sonorous, incessant grinding of the rumour mill. But when the old mill spontaneously erupts in flames, that’s when you just have to rubberneck and see what all the fuss is about.

News seems to be percolating through multiple online outlets that killer7 and Flower, Sun, and Rain are likely to receive remasters, with tidbits and hearsay trickling out of Hopper’s Vol.5, Grasshopper Manufacture’s 20th anniversary celebration. According to this guy, who appears to have spoken with Suda himself, plans have allegedly been drawn. @steelballrunner stresses however that it sounds like these are just plans for now with no concrete dates or time frames, and that it might be a while before anything comes of it.

Just this week we saw the re-release of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, originally launched as a mobile phone game back in 2005. And a few weeks before that a killer7 x LET IT DIE collaboration event was confirmed for sometime this spring. Of course, all this talk of remasters is just conjecture until an official announcement is made, but the dots do seem to connect fairly easily. Just last week even, while recording Episode Six of The Goners podcast, our Editor-in-Chief pitched his long shot for the newly teased Super Smash Bros.: Harman Smith. Maybe it really is all in cards!

Image Source: Capcom / DJ Fukutake

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