Compile Heart’s Mary Skelter 2 Confirmed

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Compile Heart has officially confirmed the Mary Skelter 2 sequel game. While the original Mary Skelter: Nightmares was for the PlayStation Vita, MS2 will be releasing for the PS4 in Japan this coming summer on June 28.

Mary Skelter 2 will likely build upon the gameplay established in Mary Skelter: Nightmares. In Nightmares you play as Jack, a boy that works with other resistance fighters and aids the Blood Maidens during battle in an attempt to escape Jail — a mutable, seemingly inexorable incarceration. Named after the girls of fairy tales (Alice, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc) the Blood Maidens are able to take blood from Jail and weaponize it. Players must manage the resources at their disposal in order to effectively coordinate the Blood Maidens, navigating Jail and combating the Marchens and Nightmares within. According to the official website, a remake of the Nightmares will be packaged with the sequel.

A limited edition will also be available for purchase at release, including the usual assortment of goodies: special art book, the game’s OST, special illustration box, and wallpapers for your personal computing devices. Additionally, the limited run kit will feature “treasured data material” and “a fascinating bath poster” (right up there with “Gaming Accessories Pouch”) for collectors to fawn over.

If you’re looking to crush some demons with a colourful cast of fairy tale anime girls, or just curious about the stylish IP, it just so happens that Mark Skelter: Nightmares is a part of PlayStation’s most recent flash sale. Until March 12 you’ll be able to snap up a digital license for roughly $12.50 USD via the PlayStation Store. You can take a peek at the sequel announcement trailer below, but keep in mind that its for a sequel, and that it likely contains spoilers.

Image Source: Compile Heart

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