Halo Online ElDewrito Mod Approaches 0.6 Build

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Remember Halo 3? What am I saying, of course you do! But what about Halo Online, maybe not so much? Back in 2016 Microsoft and 343 Industries (their dedicated Halo studio) actively began courting the PC market with a free-to-play, “Russia-only” derivation of the iconic FPS title Halo 3. Shuttered later that summer, the game shed a brief and lovely light. The prospect of playing Bungie’s epic trilogy-ender on the PC was an exciting one, especially in lieu of the storied struggle that The Master Chief Collection has become. But there is in fact life after death, as ElDewrito inches ever closer to stable completion. Built on the backbone of an axed experiment the endearingly named multiplayer mod has been alive and well, thriving and marinating in the underground scene for a while now — having entered a “regression testing” phase mere days ago.

Simply put, ElDewrito is a playable mod of Halo Online that has been continuously repaired and improved upon by a small team of fans and diehards — allowing users to play a souped up version of Halo 3 on PC. In the modding team’s most recent update, RabidSquabbit writes that the game is now “feature complete.” Basic nuts and bolts and networking bugs aside, lots of awesome features have been rolled into the mod as it approaches its anticipated 0.6 build release. Outlined in the blog post linked above are extras like dynamic directional lighting, the ability to toggle player size, and the option to swap one map’s skybox for another.

The ElDewrito mod is community made, open source, and free-to-play. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to dust off your battle rifle, or something to take your mind off the fact that we still don’t have a live action Halo series, you can head on over to the development website and poke around for yourself. See you out there, Spartan!

Image Source: ElDewrito

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